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XNDR is Chief Creative @ Totem, ‘The Ace of Diamond Hands’. He has a passion for directing films, curating viral trends, and innovating at the forefront of this digital renaissance. Xndr aspires to build designer cities across the globe with his space fleet.


The Mistaken Muse provides a new perspective on the enchanting personified force who is the source of inspiration for the creative inside each of us as humans.

“The muse comes in so many different forms. She is found at the core of inspiration. It’s up to me to decipher if she’s actually real or if I am really just distracted,” says XNDR

Going on epic missions, being in flow state, and falling in love are a few examples of dancing with the muse; the energy of the spirit of what is creating. This is a look at XNDR’s fascination with understanding the muses and their role within his heart. Creativity requires a muse to break through when the creator is stuck. It’s a way of getting out of your head and into your heart. The exploration of the muse is what boosts XNDR’s drive in this world. However, muses are not chosen, they are found. Once found, it is important not to fall in love with your muse, rather allow her (the personified energy force) to inspire you and empower you. The challenge is to allow her to tap you into the most vulnerable creative spaces within you without falling to her enticements.

As he traverses through the labyrinth of life, XNDR has found that there is only one real muse and that she is the present moment itself. She is a reflection of reality as it is, rather than the illusion that we project in front of us. A person can spend their whole life trying to find affirmations for the muse. Signs that tell us it’s ok to be vulnerable and to move forward within the great dance. Unfortunately, hiding the truth from yourself can only take you so far. You can never truly change your reality until you look in the mirror, and see your life for what it is, what it could be, and what is calling your attention. Through his art, XNDR hopes to create invoking thoughts that allow you to look inward for the muse, rather than depending on any outward force. A sense of complete wholeness within the state of being that you exist in. The present moment with the muse is what is most desirable, but can we simply find inspiration within the world within us perhaps directly outside of us.

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The mistaken muse collection contains 4 unique pieces with 4 editions each. Using images of specific phrases, XNDR ‘projected them’ onto a mystery female to portray his struggle of discernment with what is manifesting. As the muse moves within the frame, the artist observes

and witnesses from behind the lens in awe. The music direction comes from the imaginary soundtrack one hears during the exact moment of clear awareness. Pure bliss.The dance with the muse has begun. Where will she take you next?

DISTRACTED, starting at 0.0888 ETH

4 editions

Xndr’s first impression with a new muse is often found in awe. There is a certain allusion that is enticing upon the first dance. It is bliss, and it is puppy love. The truth is not fully understood, nor does it need to be. The first phase of The Mistaken Muse can be distracting, however, this distraction is vital and can be pierced through as one remains confident within.

MY FAULT starting at 0.0888 ETH

4 editions

Phase two of being mistaken with a muse can come with guilt. It can come with a sense of internal imperfection. “Why can’t this last forever.” XNDR has found that dependencies on the muse can cause a lack of self worth. This challenge is easily overcome by finding internal stillness.

DON’T DISTURB PLS starting at 0.0888 ETH

4 editions

Phase three of the failed loved story requires a rebuild of the internal attachments to outside forces. This is a time of solitude. A time to find your new self. A self that no longer needs the previous muse. An intrinsic lesson of losing everything and moving forward with rational optimism towards a new experience.

BE NICE. starting at 0.0888 ETH

4 editions

This piece serves as a reminder that you should be nice to yourself by keeping your mind and heart open towards all the things that are heading your way now.