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Obtainable.io is an intergalactic fine art gallery.

We are creating obtainability through the metaverse. A metaverse is virtual-reality, a place in which you can interact with a digital environment. It is a fusion of the physical and intangible. It is the sum of all virtual worlds, the Internet, and augmented reality.

Obtainable.io exists nowhere and everywhere. We are on the Internet, on Earth, and the spaces in-between. We are accessible to all huëmans, so they may obtain ARTifacts and use them wherever they please.

ARTifacts are physically, digitally, and virtually obtainable. They are the modern day art.

Throughout the centuries, art has remained relevant. It’s embedded in the story we tell about ourselves, follows us in our history, and is the very essence of our culture.

It’s something that can be enjoyed in a spectrum of senses, from titillation to edification.


You can visit obtainable.io on any device. Our mission includes equal interoperability. :)

Feel free to browse all artworks, however, we recommend you focus on a few select pieces. Resist the urge to binge through all the art. Curate your time selectively. It’s how you will get the full effect of the artworks, and reach self-reflection.

Once you make a selection, don’t just look at the piece. Really look at it. We’re quick to gloss over artwork, intimidated or bored by the piece’s seeming complicatedness. But you can start simple.

Think about love at first sight. You have a magnetic pull towards the unknown. And while they are a mystery, it’s as if you’ve known them your whole life. All you’re given is an aesthetic, an essence. Yet, it is enough for you to go off of.

Only once you’ve found this natural intuition, can you dive into a deeper, more complicated analysis (if you so choose.)

If you are unsure of how to assess artistic value, observe the following:

  • Size and shape of the artwork
  • Whether it’s abstract or realistic
  • The shapes within it
  • The colors
  • The tones
  • The use of audio
  • Where do the proceeds go?

If you desire a more complicated approach, observe:

  • The style of the artwork
  • The theme of the artwork
  • What the artwork represents
  • The allusions the artwork makes to other things
  • The wider cultural meaning of the artwork
  • The value it will hold in the secondary marketplace

We believe in the meta-intrinsic value of assets. This is value held in the physical world, as well as the digital and virtual worlds. Our experience is curated with this in mind.

Take a look around. Take your time. And remember to lead with the heart.

If you’d like to follow of journey, you can tune into our telegram updates channel for upcoming drops and platform features here.

Blessings ❤