Vitkii x Indigenous Visions

3 min readOct 11, 2021

Community ARTifact Drop — 10·MMXXI with Obtainable

Indigenous Visions is a reimagining of the planet, one in which power remained in the hands of the indigenous people. A world where we were all taught to live in harmony with the elements. Where human beings relied on the powers of phytomedicine and oneness with our surroundings. A future where instead of our rival, the planet was our most prized possession. Becoming stewards of the land and respecting life in its entirety. A world where indigenous wisdom was integrated within every spectrum of our society.

A creative forging of a New Earth.

In this alternate world, the indigenous people were taken from their homes and forced to work the gold mines for colonizers, but in this world, this gold and its secret powers were given directly to the indigenous matriarchs. When the colonizers saw this, they bowed in reverence and became students to the indigenous, offering their bodies to build the new earth.

In this drop, we get a glimpse into this before unvisited version of reality, and also bring attention to the things we as a people can do to keep this ancient way of life alive, but first, we have to understand them.

Indigenous people never chose their way of life; they were born into it.

One can not control their education, health, or well-being without first having the land.

For centuries this way of life has been trampled and stripped of their rights. It is our duty as a people to do our part to support the story of progress. Even in the modern-day, their historic and religious grounds are constantly at risk of being taken. For decades they have fought the crushing tide of “modernization.”.

Continually having to battle for the land their people have resided on for more than 15,000 years.

We must come together and help them defend their territory and implement their vision for self-government. But, in the meantime, you can do your part by bridging the large gap between our cultures and educating yourself about this way of life, and building public awareness of these many injustices.

Along with indigenous prosperity, this drop hopes to help people see the beauty in feminine energy and embody the divine female spirit of cooperation and compassion.