SeaJay x The Learning Curve

4 min readNov 30, 2021

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Sea Jay was born in Montana in the heart of the forest. She grew up on no electricity or service.

All Sea Jay had was her imagination, which taught her to appreciate her surroundings.

After that, she lived on the move, a different school every year, and integrated many other social groups throughout her life. At fifteen, she found herself in a deep depressive state, but she learned valuable lessons on mindfulness and mediation through that hardship. She did art therapy, and she found a passion for creation. It became her everything. Seajay realized that she was the creator of her reality.

She learned things that they don’t teach in school and took it on herself to manage her own mental health. Seajay moved to Maui when she was eighteen with almost no money, and the reason being was that she wanted to put herself in an uncomfortable position to learn who she could be and what her mission was.

She wants to help kids like her hone their emotions into art and channel the inner child wounds into creating. She has used her experiences as a way to see the duality in truth and the lies we tell ourselves. There is a spectrum of being that you can use to unlock your presence and exist in the current moment.

Sea Jay’s art is not about wealth for her. It is about helping youth and cultural programs within the community. Her art is her journey through self-revelation and the roads she has gone down in her life. For example, her second piece tackles the emotions she went through with her first love and the pain that came with that. The twirls represent the Fibonacci of life and the nature of feminine energy.

Her dream in her artistic path is to create a labyrinth art gallery. You would walk through a portal in a room with four mirrors, creating an immersive experience taking people out of the three-dimensional space and guiding people deeper into themselves throughout the maze.

Her inspiration is to help others to find the present moment.

She looks deeply into her inner child, and she thinks about all the things that she has been through and the trauma she has faced. Then, when she creates, her brain feels a sense of equilibrium drawing from the past and the future. She finds this inspiration to create from mother nature, herself, and other people that have made an impact on her life. One of them is Xndr, a fellow artist that inspired Seajay to create. Xndr sparked the beginning of Seajay’s artistic space, and she saw a reflection of her own passion. Also, Jimmy Hendrix is an inspiration in the effortless flow of melody for the listener that he displayed.

Her impact in the NFT space is to bring a new age of mental health awareness and guide people’s lives towards self-relation. She is using the NFT stage as a platform to promote self-awareness.

The Artist + The Art

Sea Jay is a multidisciplinary artist that culminates line art theories into figurative feminine designs. Trinity, the union of three divinities, is the philosophy demonstrated through her continued expansion and expression of understanding internal reform. She illustrates her art digitally and physically while creating poetic wisdom on the ever-expanding state of mind, body, soul connection, and self-expansion.

The Learning Curve collection consists of a continuous line basis. There is a balance of white, black, and solid hues of full-spectrum color that portray the body of feminine figures and design bringing a unique sense of self to the naked mind’s eye. The art reflects the state of mind she was in at the beginning of her pieces and how the continuation with creation regardless of the duality between order and chaos is the role of Trinity.

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