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Community ARTifact Drop — Live Today at NOON PST with Obtainable

The entertainment industry has come to a standstill, victim to the entropy of the pandemic. But it is now being reinvented. Post Malone is pioneering a new entertainment experience, one where digital art and experiential crypto is being infused into musical performances.

We are now using NFTs to memorialize the entertainment space. While large gatherings have prohibited traditional entertainment experiences, NFTs allow us to regain these sensations. We can once again be immersed in an artist’s creative capabilities.

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In March of 2021, Post Malone and his manager, Dre London, launched their first NFT crossover event with the star-studded “Celebrity World Pong League.” In collaboration with social token app Fyooz, Post is bringing an experiential crypto offering to fans.

This is one the world’s first collisions between the entertainment business and crypto community. It will set the basis for the future of content, connection, community, and commerce.

This collision is allowing NFTs to enter a new dimension: experience. Experiential NFTs will enable direct personal interaction and forge a unique relationship. Connection will become digitally native.

Alongside the opportunity to face Post in a game of beer pong, digital artist Fvckrender will be dropping NFTs to the general public. The NFTs are interlaced with various symbols, all unraveling a tale of human values.

The Rose

Roses are a symbolic figure so rich in meanings, that if not carefully examined, it will hardly have any meaning left at all.

The symbolism of the rose is the emotions it evokes within us: gratitude, grace, admiration, and joy. It is an unfolding glory, one where the rose reminds us she is a queen of the garden and of the soul.

The Sword

Post Malone’s favorite tarot card is the Nine of Swords. It portrays a woman sitting upright in bed, her hands cupping her forehead. She’s awoken from a frightening nightmare. Past the bed, nine swords dangle from the wall. They represent the burdensome thoughts that torment the inner workings of her mind. We are shown the penetrating power of the intellect.

The sword represents the intricacies of the mind; the logic, intelligence, and communication.

The swords aren’t a negative association. On the contrary; they ask you to reexamine life. The Nine of Swords is a sign to break the cycle.

Ultimately, the Nine of Swords symbolizes power, protection, strength, and courage. It is the desire to leave a nightmare, the same one who awoke the woman.

As you overcome this challenge, the future opens up before you.

The Barbed Wire

Barbed wire symbolizes struggle, a pull and tug between shame and destiny. The hardships it represents is all encompassing; it could either be with inner demons, a deep interpersonal relationship, or an unrelenting addiction.

Logos Gold

Gold has long been an intimate part of human history, renowned for its irreplaceable value. It is one of the only metals abundant enough to create coins with, but rare enough so it cannot be mass produced. As a sustainable store of value, humans are emotionally drawn to its aura. Ancient societies have placed value on gold spanning for centuries.

LOGOS are nuggets of artisanal gold. They are produced using the same method as the ancient Egyptians, but with a slight modern twist: 3D technology. The process is novel enough that a patent pending casting is still in progress.

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We are at the apex of a digital collectible craze. Every NFT is unique, an imprint from the digital realm. Your NFTs can also be traded for digital and real-world assets. Here’s how:

  1. CIRCLES — After 90 days from auction close, NFT owner of Circles will have the option to obtain the physical solid “logos” gold pong ball. The golden pong ball is made from over 5oz of ethically sourced logos gold and 19 carats of recycled VS1 Diamonds.. artifact will come in custom made box with certificate of authenticity. Physical golden pong ball unlocks when auction reaches 99 eth
  2. SWORD x ROSE — After 90 days from auction close, NFT owner SWORD x ROSE will have the option to obtain the physical solid “logos” gold SWORD x ROSE artifact. The SWORD x ROSE is made from over 1.5oz of ethically sourced logos gold (20K) and a 1/2 ct VS1 Recycled diamond.. artifact will come in custom made box with certificate of authenticity. Physical SWORD x ROSE will unlock when the auction reaches 44 eth
  3. Golden Cups After 90 days from auction close, three NFT owners of all three golden cups will have the option to burn the tokens and receive a 1 of 1 digital art piece. The 1 of 1 piece includes a physically redeemable solid golden cup.

* Physical golden cups unlock after all pieces have been sold out

Cup 001–55 editions @ 1 ETH

Cup 002–111 editions @ .5 ETH

Cup 003–222 editions @ .25 ETH

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a digital fine art gallery

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a digital fine art gallery

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