How to obtain the physical artifacts from the Post Malone x Obtainable drop

We are at the apex of a digital collectible craze. Every artifact is unique, an imprint from the digital realm. Your artifact can also be traded for digital and real-world assets. Here’s how:

Obtainable works with artisan manufacturers, high-end jewelry designers, and other masters of trade to create talismans. They are inscribed rings or stones meant to have mystical powers and draw good luck. Obtainable’s talisman’s are of high value and are placed alongside top-priced art in the NFT marketplace.

They give you the opportunity to own an NFT that holds value in a digital, physical, and virtual world. XELA, our upcoming metaverse, displays your talismans and other art pieces alongside various displayed NFTs. Each piece will be physically redeemable and have a unique certificate.


Roses are a symbolic figure so rich in meanings, that if not carefully examined, it will hardly have any meaning left at all. The symbolism of the rose is the emotions it evokes within us: gratitude, grace, admiration, and joy. It is an unfolding glory, one where the rose reminds us she is a queen of the garden and of the soul.

Post Malone’s favorite tarot card is the Nine of Swords. It portrays a woman sitting upright in bed, her hands cupping her forehead. She’s awoken from a frightening nightmare. Past the bed, nine swords dangle from the wall. They represent the burdensome thoughts that torment the inner workings of her mind. We are shown the penetrating power of the intellect. The sword represents the intricacies of the mind; the logic, intelligence, and communication. The swords aren’t a negative association. On the contrary; they ask you to reexamine life. The Nine of Swords is a sign to break the cycle. Ultimately, the Nine of Swords symbolizes power, protection, strength, and courage. It is the desire to leave a nightmare, the same one who awoke the woman. As you overcome this challenge, the future opens up before you.

Barbed wire symbolizes struggle, a pull and tug between shame and destiny. The hardships it represents is all encompassing; it could either be with inner demons, a deep interpersonal relationship, or an unrelenting addiction.

Gold has long been an intimate part of human history, renowned for its irreplaceable value. It is one of the only metals abundant enough to create coins with, but rare enough so it cannot be mass produced. As a sustainable store of value, humans are emotionally drawn to its aura. Ancient societies have placed value on gold spanning for centuries.

LOGOS are nuggets of artisanal gold. They are produced using the same method as the ancient Egyptians, but with a slight modern twist: 3D technology. The process is novel enough that a patent pending casting is still in progress.

  • Each piece is forged with our proprietary refinement method. This method is free of chemicals and maintains the golden alloy in its organic, pure state.
  • Owners of redeemable NFT’s can choose to obtain their items based on that particular mints obtain instructions, then sending their NFT to our ‘OBTAIN WALLET.’
  • Once we confirm receiving the token(s) from the correct wallet matching the exchange ledger, we will send that wallet an instruction NFT. It will contain secure details on how to redeem the piece, get the appropriate info, transact it, and then send a new NFT to show physical verification.
  • This will be the first Obtainable NFT forged in LOGOS gold. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece that will mark the beginning of the NFT boom in the 21st century.
  • LOGOS signifies the beginning of a merging between both the digital and physical realms. We’re on the precipice of the spatial web, meaning a digital layer will drape over our entire physical world.

Conflict Minerals are raw materials that come from particular regions of the world where conflict is occurring and affects the mining of these materials. LOGOS selectively mines gold from regions that are conflict-free and have the proper permits and regulations. LOGOS only works within eco-friendly locations in consideration of the natural ecosystem around it. LOGOS additionally gives 1% of its profits to clean water projects.

The owner has the choice to hold their metawallet for as long as they’d like.

They’ll be able to exchange their token (in accordance to each unique drops) to redeem the real-world obtainable item.

Then the burned or new token will be sent back to the holder for continual digital and virtual use.

We call this token regeneration, rather than token burning. It’s what allows us to bring value to the digital, physical, and virtual metaverse.


Our offering to the world is to always dedicate 11% of Obtainable’s profits to charities. Choosing the ones that we believe will make hyper-impact to better the planet and humanity. This drop we will devote to the Earth Species Project. We will provide updates and full transparency on this donation among our others in a yearly report and our regular storytelling.



  • Dimensions: 40mm in diameter with a 15mm hole for chain
  • Weight: 5oz + of pure LOGOS gold
  • Gems : 19ct VS1 Recycled diamonds
  • Blend: Pangea
  • Dimensions: 93mm long(including bale)/ 20mm wide / 8.8 mm thick
  • Weight: 1.5oz + of pure logos gold
  • Gems: ½ ct VS1 Recycled diamond
  • Blend: Pangea
  • Dimensions: *
  • Weight: *
  • Weight and Dimensions will unlock once they all sell out. The goal is to size them according to typical pong cups.
  • Blend: Pangea



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