Transferring and building on top of ideas is what has allowed for human advancement.

“Anything you cannot relinquish when it has outlived its usefulness, possesses you, and in this materialistic age a great many of us are possessed by our possessions” — Peace Pilgrim

99% of technological progress occurred in the last 10,000 years. It is during this time we were able to come up with methods of preserving and presenting information, such as with the wheel, printing press, and telecommunications.

These ideas allowed us to build structures, organize ourselves into complex groups, and start specializing. We began to develop customs, practices, artistic expressions, and values. Each idea contains the unique fingerprints of past human’s existence, and carries our cultural heritage.

The advent of artifacts was tangible evidence of shifts in thinking and practice. It was what allowed us to stand on the shoulders of others and learn from their customs. Artifacts are what bridged the ancient to the modern world, and allowed ideas to compound.

Life is evolving as an omnipresent digital layer drapes over our entire physical world. The lines between “real life” and “digital life” are blurring into one another. And now artifacts, too, are finding their permanent home in the digital realm.

As the human species continues to develop, we must continue to share our knowledge, and build ideas on top of one another. Obtainable has created tËKs for this purpose. tËKs were created to resist the entropy of memory and preserve information beyond our human comprehension of time.

Ultimately, Obtainable is here to facilitate the merging of these two worlds; the ancient past, and technological future. We allow ideas to continue collecting over one another for the advancement of the human species.

Obtainable’s Vision

Obtainable is, largely speaking, an NFT marketplace. But we are not a single company or entity — we are an iteration of the internet. Our initiative is to be a collective leading the modern renaissance to Web 3.0.

As we enter a three-dimensional web, virtual worlds and economies take center stage. Blockchain technologies are the ethos to this way of life: decentralized and user-owned.

Obtainable is one of Totem’s initiatives to bring this vision to life. It is a group of artists, technicians, and builders creating a virtual ecosystem through community-based governance and expression. Totem will operate across the metaverse, and will be a place for the internal experience and external story.

Above all, Obtainable connects the artifacts of olden times to this new technological world, creating “ancient future tech.” It aims to allow individuals to build and own pieces of the metaverse, letting them partake in meta history.

Obtainable offers untamed creativity. Unmatched exclusivity. And untapped social possibility.

Introducing Myst Forge

Myst is the first-ever high-end jewelry line verified on the Blockchain. The “Y” in Myst stands for the alchemical fire of transformation. It is a flame in alchemy that burns through impurities to reveal a golden substance. It’s rumored to be an element of enlightenment.

Obtainable is proud to partner with artisan manufacturers and high-end jewelry makers such as Myst to create one-of-a-kind pieces. They are of high value and placed alongside top-priced art.

Myst Forge is a branch of the Myst jewelry brand launched in collaboration with Obtainable. It’s intricately woven within the NFT space and will have a home in the XELA metaverse as well. It’s here that the jewelry can be interacted with and displayed in a virtual habitat.

Myst’s jewelry has more than just an aesthetic purpose. It carries a host of meanings, traditions, and a form of significance. It is part of our cultural heritage, and once again, Obtainable modernizes the traditional artifacts by bringing them onto the Blockchain.

Myst’s jewelry has more than just an aesthetic purpose.

But Myst isn’t only high-quality jewelry. It is gamified jewelry. It will allow customers to take part in the creation of jewelry for the first time with gamified characteristics. And to forge these pieces from the digital to physical world.

This is when tËKs come into play.

You can obtain here. 💫

tËks (The Earth Kingdom)

tËks are the building blocks of this new world — Your means of interacting with it.

Narrowly speaking, a tËK is a physical key for a digital world. As of now, they are in the V1 phase, displayed as NFTs. Each NFT can be forged into a triangular gold or silver key which contains a scroll of paper with space for a written recovery seed phrase. This unique code acts as an access point to XELA and can create other meta/artifacts.

The drop features limited edition Argenta, Electrum, and Aurum tËKs that will be required to forge Major, Meta, and Mystic quality artifacts during Obtainable’s first Mystic Forge event. Owners of tËKs will be eligible for easter egg airdrops in the future, such as rare art and forging materials in addition to having chances to customize their tEks in The Forge.

All in all, tËKs are universal keys, and to own one is to own a piece of meta history.

But in the future, tËKs will take on a larger purpose for the collective. They will be accessible solely through community access or airdrop, and serve as an entryway to the center of the metaverse. It is how one will be able to invest in a future of possibilities.

It is Obtainable’s honor to carry on the human lineage through artistic expression and technological integration.


Argenta 0.5 ETH

The Greek word Argenta derives from the Latin word “Argentum”, meaning “Silver”. The feminine counterpart, “Argenta”, is more closely related to “Silvery”. This auspicious name served as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. We have blended this ancient verbal code for luxury with the present to create a protected, infallible system for your crypto seed phrase. This princely token will exist long after you are gone. Beyond any silver alloy, Argenta contains a small amount of Yukon gold in place of copper to bring an extra glow through the harmony of these counterparts and makes it more resistant to tarnish than typical sterling. Its measurements are precise and calculated exuding an exceptionally polished feel.

93% Recycled Silver, 2% Michigan Copper, 5% Yukon Gold. 40mm x 45mm x 14mm

Electrum — 5 ETH

This Latin word has been used for millennia to describe a special classification of metallurgic ingenuity. “Electrum” means an amber-colored mix of royal gold and silver. This word is holy in origin, being used in the book of Ezekiel to describe the very appearance of God. The alloy that this queenly token takes inspiration from occurs naturally and gleams an alluring pale yellow from its rich mineral composition. The tËK series is made for the security of the new generation of crypto royalty.

55% Yukon Gold, 45% Recycled Silver. 40mm x 45mm x 14mm

Aurum 10 ETH

By far the most impressive display of gold-smithing in this set, the name literally points to the source of gold’s chemical symbol, “Au”. Synonymous with being one of the most atomically stable elements on Earth, this kingly token holds no rivals for its beauty and purity. Being compared to the full morning glow of the sun, this distinguished piece could be mistaken for the centerpiece of an imperial treasury. Undoubtedly classified as supreme, this masterpiece is of the highest quality and standard and encases a seed phrase of even greater value.

100% Yukon Gold. 40mm x 45mm x 14mm


The collective nature of all cultural production is shifting. NFTs are redefining how we value assets, artifacts, and artworks. tËKs are part of this movement, and can be traded for real-world assets — here’s how:

90 days after the beginning of the drop, owners of tËKs can send their NFTs to the Obtainable Forge wallet to receive their physical artifact. The metal type of each physical artifact will be in correspondence to the metal types found in each NFT.

At a later date, digital tËKs will be used in The Myst Forge to craft gamified jewelry artifacts. Owners may choose to take their chances with a random forge if they wish.

You can obtain here. 💫

Bless ⚔️




a digital fine art gallery

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a digital fine art gallery

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