Mystic Mamma x MYTH

5 min readOct 20, 2021


Community ARTifact Drop — 10·MMXXI with Obtainable




“I am thrilled to create MYTHIC IMPRINTS of FEMININE MAGIC that hold and carry intrinsic value within the metaverse.

In embarking upon this new frontier of crypto ART currency, I am casting vibrational ripples of beauty that embody the feminine consciousness of reciprocity as well.

When the dream of Life opens to the dreamer, so many possibilities are available.

These MYSTIC MAMMA NFTS will serve as ART currency that carries the energetic consciousness of reciprocity as the way to come into balance with each other and our Mother Planet Earth.

22% of profits will go toward protecting the Amazon, the lungs of our planet, through AMAZON WATCH, who work with the Indigenous Peoples and original caretakers of our Earth.

May these mythic imprints lead the way to many heart openings and new ways of engaging in reciprocity with all our relations.”


For MYSTIC MAMMA’s debut drop, she presents a new body of work around MYTH.

“The thing about MYTH,” she says, “is they express the inner aspects of our human experience, which the crux is facing our own mortality.

“They offer us a vision that can help us see ourselves outside our historical and relative identities and help us identify as Universal Beings.

“We are both relative and absolute in our NATURE, and that is what MYTH across cultures has pointed to.

“This new collection was inspired by the ancient MYTH OF PERSEPHONE, which symbolically represents our own spiritual underworld journey and our subsequent return.

“At various points in our lives, we experience THE DESCENT whereby we go within and enter our Underworld journey.

“This passage into our depths is a sacred meeting of what has been in the shadows and in our subconscious. It is a lone and transformative journey whereby we face and feel our wounding and disowned parts.

“Once in the depths of the Underworld, we surrender to the hidden treasures that it reveals. Then eventually, our heart cracks open and calls out to our Great Mother, to Creator, to the Universal Force of all of Life.

“This SOUL CALL is what opens the way for our RETURN.

Thus like Persephone, we rise from the Underworld once again and experience THE RETURN, heralding the rebirth of Spring that follows Winter.

“Persephone’s MYTH symbolizes the cyclical nature of all of Life as we each personally and collectively experience the descent of our Winters and the return of our Springs.

MYSTIC MAMMA’s debut drop of NFTS embodies these cyclical stages of MYTH through THE DESCENT, SOUL CALL, THE RETURN.



THE DESCENT is an archetypal journey of our Soul into the Underworld, whereby we descent into the depths to confront our existence.

It is an underworld journey whereby we descend into our inner realms to meet what lies within our subconscious and what has been in the shadows.

“In the depths of the Underworld, we surrender to the hidden treasures of our own human experience that are revealed.


SOUL CALL embodies the moment within the depths of our underworld journey, whereby after the layers of transformation and transmutation, our Soul finally breaks open and calls out.

Our SOUL CALL opens our Heart and thereby the portal for our RETURN.


THE RETURN is the completion of our Underworld journey, whereby through the doorway of our Heart, we rise, ascend, and RETURN to Life once again.


UNIVERSAL BEINGS illustrates the primary function of MYTH which is to liberate us from our relative identities so we can redefine ourselves as UNIVERSAL BEINGS.

When we remember who we are, we come together as Universal Beings on Earth to celebrate the cyclical nature of life and our part in the cosmic dance.


CALLING ALL is the emblematic voice of the Feminine speaking through the language of plants and the natural world, calling on all to hear the call.


THE KEY is the mythic Key to Immortality, which is the remembrance of who we truly are. Our remembrance of our Absolute and Eternal Nature and our connection to ALL of Life is THE KEY.


“What moves the world forward are ideas that eventually slip into the mainstream.

Artists are the dreamers who move the world forward with their visions.

We are the new world being born through us, our eternal selves embodying this historical time.

Each of us has a sacred purpose here, each in our own way, through the small acts in our real life we make vibrational ripples in our collective Field.

We are each an important note in the cosmic choir.

Each of our notes is unique like the endless diversity of the natural world.

This multivalence is reflected through all worlds.

There are many realities existing simultaneously. Many people living different lives and different experiences of life, but we shift and connect in the depths of our humanity and divinity.

Multi-dimensionality is the new frontier and I am here as fellow journeyer to cast open our perceptions of reality, and lead the way to an expanded inclusive feminine consciousness.”