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Timekeepers act as the space between us and time, documenting the Legends before us and those that will proceed us. They have guided our past, present and future, maintaining a congruent flow of time and our perception of it. Now we ask these keepers of time to show us our relationship with these legends that defined eras. In the present time of fear and uncertainty, one thing remains true, Legends will continue to sprout from the ashes of the old and breed new innovations and destinies, and as the Timekeepers know, destiny is unavoidable.

Change is coming, we as a species dive headfirst into a new digital age. But let it be known that just because an age has passed does not mean that it is over. We still have much to learn from the strength and ingenuity of our ancestors who in their time created their own future and made their own prophecies.

In this series of drops Mike Dargas pays tribute to his personal inspirations and shapers of eras, using the power of the Timekeepers as a window into different artistic ages. Take a seat next to the Timekeepers and spectate as we unravel the perplexities of time.

The Dargas Journey

Mike’s journey started in kindergarten, drawing with crayon and pencil, and quickly realized he was more advanced than his classmates. To his teacher’s surprise, he would draw detailed doodles of Scuba divers and octopuses. He remembered adults praising him saying “Oh my God this is so detailed he is so good at this.” This gave Mike the motivation to keep improving his art form. Even at such a young age his talent and attention to details were undeniable. When Mike was in school at the age of 12 he found that he had little interest in math, science, or language, his one true curiosity was his art, he pushed himself to improve and cultivate his own artistic style. He began by working with any new materials he could get his hands on, from wood to metal, and charcoal. This was before the age of social media and google so for Mike to learn and evolve it took years of trial and error, being completely self-taught. Mike tried his best to maintain focus on school studies; he just couldn’t shake this feeling that a totally different world was awaiting him. Although Mike’s path forward wasn’t clearly lit he knew whatever he did would have an effect on his life and the lives of others. Since he wasn’t sure what the future held for him he hoped it was somewhere in the stars, wishing to be an astronaut and touch those stars for himself. Although Mike didn’t end up being a cosmonaut and doesn’t explore distant planets or man a cockpit he has still found himself charting unknown regions and searching the deep space of his mind, finding new ways to expand his own universe.

From childhood all the way to adulthood Mike learned to follow his heart and knew that his life and happiness revolved around the pursuit of his passion. He does what he loves, and makes unseen beauty that the world can enjoy. Mike has always had a fascination with creating the eternal, something distinctive and unwavering. Like the greats before him through their mastery and perfectionism nations and kings have fought to protect these displays of absolute excellence. When watching masters at work it appears effortless, but behind the seemingly unchallenging work they spend long days and even longer nights finding the perfect shade, the ideal model, and implementing precise techniques concealed behind casual motion. Mike has always had a way with art, it has always come naturally, but skill is only half of the equation, his real talent derives from his ability to shape something different. Like his Honey series, it was divergent from anything else, that coupled with his other talents is what makes Mike a success.

Mike has seen many talented artists in the industry, but something they all seem to struggle with is not just painting but inventing. It’s always easy and tempting to stick with what works and begin to just copy and paste your work into different flavors. Mike knows it’s hard to imagine something uninvented but that’s what constitutes an artist. The ability to observe the unobservable, the courage to embody new ideas and present them to the world. True art is right there over the horizon all we have to do is walk towards it, but if you do find yourself miserable and hating your art for what it is not maybe you simply shouldn’t be doing it.

The things that keep Mike going and continue to motivate him is the fact that so many look up to him and are inspired by his drive, people can’t seem to get enough of his work, he said “I don’t know if anyway is the right way to find motivation, but this is what let’s me follow my dreams.”

The Golden Age

Mike wants the universe to see his pieces, from NFT’s to galleries and museum’s, from New York to London and beyond, whatever is real and new. Mike refuses to be stagnant. He knows he will leave his mark on art’s history because as great and unparalleled as the legends before him they are still flesh and blood, human beings just like him.

Mike believes in fate, and finds inspiration in the ordinary interactions he has every day. Every person you meet, every situation you’re thrust into has its role in your destiny and instead of passing it off as a mere coincidence Mike uses it as a catalyst to shape his innovations. From infancy he admired the works of Salvador Dalí and his fate has once again aligned to pay homage to a truly epic artist. Mike’s goal is to use his success and influence to help the world stir itself towards a better future. Our generation holds the key to our planet’s survival. Now more than ever we stand at the precipice of environmental collapse and Mike wants to play a role in restoring our magnificent planet. To achieve this goal Mike Dargas will be diving further into the digital space, releasing a remarkable series of drops initialed


The golden age is the first of six in this series. Mike will be presenting his take on different artistic ages, starting with the golden age of Salvador Dalí. To Mike gold is unique, you can’t copy it, there is nothing else like it. He wants his art to be like gold, it can’t be copied you can try but it will never be the original. Everything Dali touched was art. The combination of the two is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. In each of these drops Mike will illuminate a different artist and idea with six unique perspectives.

Stay tuned for a certainly unexpected and never before seen collection by Mike Dargas.

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Drop Description:

Mike Dargas x Golden Age

Like his name Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech has always screamed originality in his works on and off the canvas, so Mike thought he would make this NFT just as exciting and novel as the man himself. Gold seeps from the busts forehead all the way down to its base, giving it a look similar to Salvador’s work “The Persistence of Memory.”. This glimmering portrait of Salvador Dalí revolves and transforms with every second that passes, countless hours could be spent taking in every detail, from his cutting eyes to his iconic sharpened mustache this matched with the viscous flow and suave texture of every drop of gold adds something exceedingly special putting this piece into a class of its own, and honors Salvador with its beauty and craftsmanship.

Drop Mechanics:

The Golden Age piece is a 1 of 44 piece collection the 1 of 6 in the Timekeepers collection, by procuring an edition of this work you can in future drops collect the complete set of Mike Dargas’ Timekeeper series.

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