Community ARTifact Drop — 06.MMXXI with Obtainable

4 min readJun 10, 2021


The metaverse is here..

it just looks a little different than we had thought it would be. We travel between realms without even realizing. We have avatars and entire lifestyles built within the coding hidden behind the screens we look at all day. We can shop virtually and even grab onto things and move them around. PS we just dropped our white paper. 🤫 If you want to travel to one of our spatial nodes. You can gain a sense of this by playing with the cool donuts floating in the virtual sphere on the front of our white paper or within the demo of our XR Metaverse: XELA

With the convergence of technologies, we can now create collector games for artists. presents MAGI SERIES by JX & CO. This drop creates access for the community to be able to BURN/RAREFY 11 pieces in order to create a 1/1 exclusive gold NFT that is redeemable for a real gold pendent. AHHH now we have a beautiful example of the future of shopping. Digital NFTs can be stored and managed similar to receipts… except wayyyy cooler. Owners of any of the silver Magis can also redeem real silver pendants after 90 days.


As a traditionally trained goldsmith Jarex, of Jx & Co, has been on the forefront of innovation in the jewelry industry for over a decade. Combining his skills in stone cutting with the forging and fabrication of precious metals has allowed him to manifest even deeper visions that stimulate both the emotions and imagination. His elusive background in esoteric circles provide a foundation for creations that have depth, purpose and allow for us to get a glimpse of the concepts and archetypes that exist between worlds.

Much of Jarex’s inspiration stems from a vision of the future, coupled with the wisdom and artistic expressions of the past. Jarex is committed to the traditional methods and techniques used by goldsmiths for centuries before him. He feels that the human touch is the key element to the process of self-discovery and creative development, not only for himself, but also for those who share the admiration for his works. Among the great variety of phenomena on the earth, precious metals and minerals stand out as something extraordinary. Not only are we drawn to them with our usual sense of perception, but our “unknown” senses are also aware of their peculiar qualities. What the “unknown” senses experienced in the past revealed to man a deep inner relationship between himself and the “fruits” of the mineral kingdom. Thus leading to their use as charms and ornaments, and as vessels for the celebration of various cults. When we consider the path these precious minerals take, from their crude form to ultimate beauty, we become aware of the great transformations that result from man’s collaboration with nature.

Jarex’s inspiration stems from a vision of the future, coupled with the wisdom and artistic expressions of the past

Pairing traditional works with digitally sculpted “twins” gives us the best of both worlds, where we can illustrate the often deeper meaning of symbols that are frozen in time as sculptural objects. This brings us to the endless possibilities of physical treasures combined with NFTs. Furthermore, the NFT allows one to have a digital certificate of authenticity to accompany each limited piece.


The squaring of the circle is of great importance to the geometer cosmologists because for him the circle represents pure unmanifest spirit space, while the square represents the manifest and comprehensible world. When a near-equality is drawn between the circle and the square, the infinite is able to express its dimensions or qualities through the finite. The Magi’s stance is an ancient symbol found deep in the compendium of Mystery schools. There are three shapes hidden within: the circle which touches the top of the hat and bottom corners of the robe, the square which touches the fingertips and bottom of the robe and the pentagram found in the shape of the robe. The pentagram represents man, the medium between the temporal world (square) and the eternal world (circle). Through man the polarity of these two worlds evolve to understand one another (love) eventually leading to unity, or, the manifestation of the 5th Element, the quintessence, a new reality.

“The squaring of the circle is a stage on the way to the unconscious, a point of transition leading to a goal lying as yet unformulated beyond it. It is one of those paths to the centre.” — C.G. Jung


  • 1x 22kt gold magi NFTs
  • 22x sterling silver magi NFTs
  • 11 of these 22 silver magi NFTs can be burned to acquire the gold magi
  • 11 of these 22 silver magi NFTs can be traded for a physical silver pendant

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