Lucia Dami ⚔ Healing Powers

In the Elysian XII drop, Lucia returns for a second drop and gives us another look at her take on the magic in Tarot cards, adding another five cards to her deck. Each piece encapsulates a different lesson. This second drop focuses on knowing when to take solace in silence and when to speak up, along with the journey death takes us on, we will learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable lessons our lives can teach us. Learning to be present, because there is no way to extend your life, the only way is to take that breathe now and hold on to every second you have, experiencing every high and low on this confusing rollercoaster we call life. In life, in order to grow, you have to learn, and failure acts as the catalyst of personal change, otherwise, what was the point in living?

You have 86,400 seconds in a single day so make sure every one of those seconds is spent being who you want to be, loving what you want to love, and living your life knowing you won’t get a single second back.

Many of us fear both time and fortune because of what they might take away from us but never think about what they can make us through this struggle. Over time, we have forgotten our power as humans to connect with the spiritual forces to co-create our most desired reality. The suffering we endure is hard to forget and may explain where we are, but we must not use it as an excuse to stay in bondage.

From within this earthly realm, we have found countless ways to measure and record the passing of time, but timelines do not only exist in the fixed and chronological way that most of us believe. Timelines fold, even change, and can be accessed in an instant and there is no better time than now to use fortune-telling as a tool for our spiritual, and creative reclamation here on earth.

Take hold of your own reality, make it beautiful, make it yours. There are many things beyond our control in this mortal coil, but there is one thing that every soul can conquer and regulate, our fear and our own happiness, the whole point of this journey is to realize that we determine our futures, bright or dim, warm or cold, loud or silent, choose a path that brings you joy, always.

Today, Obtainable presents Elysian XXII x Lucia Dami, the digital bridge into the realm of fortune-telling — the Elysian Major Arcana of Lucia Dami’s Tarot Deck is devoted to exploring our mystery and reclaiming creative power over our timeline.

“One night many years ago, I was looking up at the stars as I did each night and I had a catalytic revelation. The days back then were riddled with inner turmoil and a need to escape my reality, but each night I could rely on the rhythm of the sky to present to me the same stars and constellations. I found peace in their stillness, their ancient beauty, and the infinite potential of the darkness between them.”

That night, Lucia lost herself once again in the embrace of the star-lit sky.

“I suddenly understood on the most visceral level and with no logical reason, that I had the power to change my reality; and in this moment I was given the unwavering trust in my ability to do so. I no longer saw my future as if it was something I had no power over.”

The next few years were spent unraveling synchronicities, understanding the relationship between the past, present, and future, and exploring the power of creative will over destiny.

This was the moment the stars aligned and the Elysian deck was born, and this is its purpose; to empower collectors to become the creative masters of their own reality as well — taking the future back into their own hands.

Lucia’s mission is always going to be evolving but her first mission was to heal herself through her art, social media acted as a catalyst that helped her become a more outgoing artist, connecting with fans and seeing that her art moved others to the mythical side that we all have. To bridge the gap between the seen and unseen.

When she was younger her grandfather kept her magical and adventurous side alive, she sat with him drawing one day, she was angry about the mistake she had made on the page and tried erasing it with little success, her grandfather grabbed her hand and said: “You should never erase your mistakes if you ever mess something up just start over.” Never be afraid of failure and be okay with starting over. She would like to inspire people outside of the artistic community to join her movement and so many people have so many issues with breaking through the mental block of a blank piece of paper. Once you are in it there is so much to do, it’s endless.

Making this tarot deck idea a reality is a dream of hers, she has been meticulously planning it for years and she now feels ready to share this vision with the world so she can inspire others to follow their calling and conquers their fears in any form.

There is so much more than we can see and that most of the time this unknown scares us but she wants it to inspire us. witnessing this unseen beauty and knowing that to access that light you have to move through the shadows, and she wants to guide people through this dark space and help people break through the preconceived notions they have about creation.

Lucia loves that the NFT space is another way to bridge seemingly opposing worlds, merging handmade art and digital accessibility, she went to school years ago to try and solve this same situation but felt that the digital world really didn’t move her, the countless hours in front of a blue-lit computer screen didn’t have the same feel as using her hands to create something on paper. Now like all things this thought has found her once again, and this time Lucia is set up to make those changes. Lucia knows art’s transition into digital is inevitable, and that our artistic expression knows no boundaries no matter the platform, we are moving into a digital society, and art will find a new portal to express itself. Like everything art is speeding up, it’s now easier than ever to express yourself, what took days can now be done in hours, anyone can create all you have to do is try.

Trying can be difficult but you have to make your drive about how it transforms you and not about the end result, it’s not about the art it’s about you. If you let the end result take over you will lose the magic that comes with creative freedom and the will to create.

“Fall in love with the way the world can move you, and what you can create through that love.”

Reclaiming the Future

The Elysian Tarot is here to be what the stars represent during a time of darkness; a space for stillness, revelations, and communion with the gifts of mystery. Each one of the cards is encoded with the frequency of pure inner vision and reclamation over one’s timeline.

Tarot is not a system of answers, but an expression of the ever-changing and infinite potentialities that are present in each moment. When shuffled, the cards are a unique mirror to one’s dominant thoughts, emotions, and vibrations which can therefore show the dominant future one is a match to if no changes are made.

However, one can equally consciously choose cards whose symbols and vibrational powers are those with which one wishes to entrain their own thoughts, emotions, vibrations, and therefore their future with these energies.

The beauty of the 22, magical archetypes of the Major Arcana coming to life in the crypto space, is that their potential to awaken the highest path of collectors in this way is no longer limited to owning a physical deck. Now their magic is reaching all collectors through the metaverse without the borders of time and space.

The Full Collection

The Major Arcana of tarot contains the 22 most powerful cards in the deck. Each archetype holds symbols and energetic patterns that activate the truths of the divine world, the intellectual world, and the physical world; for the purpose of human ascension.

While the Elysian Tarot stays true to most of the traditional occult symbols of tarot, Lucia has also encoded the cards with a frequency of creative awakening and transformation, and with symbols taken from the stars and the Greek Mythology that is weaved through their constellations.

Description of future drops:

Individually, each card is powerful, but when drawn together they can intensify a specific frequency even more. Lucia has intuitively organized her Major Arcana NFTs into 5 series which are as follows:

— The High Priestess, The Hierophant, Strength, Fortune, and The Magician (for Divine Intervention)

— The Tower, The Star, Death, The Hermit, and Temperance (for Divine Healing)

— The Fool, The Devil, The Hanged Man, and Judgement (for Divine Metamorphosis)

— The Sun, The Moon, The Lovers, and Elysium (For Divine Love)

— The Empress, The Emperor, The Chariot, and Justice (For Divine Leadership)

In the possession of an entire series, you can rarefy the cards to reveal a uniquely assigned constellation NFT that holds its own energy of a spiritual journey. This is Lucia’s way of harnessing the mystical and healing energies of her cards deeper into the boundless metaverse, where even the medicine of the cosmos can live. The first owner of each rarefied constellation will receive a very limited edition version of Lucia’s Elysian deck.

You can obtain here. 💫

Drop description

The Hermit IX

The Hermit shows us that there is nothing frightening about solitude. He invites us to welcome it, and give into it. Because he knows that some truths are only available to those who tread these paths alone. There is knowledge that only bears fruit in introspective solitude, far away from the maddening crowds and the empty chatter of our everyday lives. And although we might not taste those fruits often, it is important to make time for solitary journeys in pivotal moments.

Conscious: introspection, self-reflection, solitude, attention to detail

Shadow: loneliness, isolation, over-thinking

Death XIII

While some of us spend our lives running away from impermanence, we will each encounter Death at some point in our lives, and fighting against it only causes us more suffering. Loss may be painful, sudden, and even traumatic, but sometimes one door has to close so that another one can open. Death brings with it the potential for us to be released from our past so that we may expand, and be transformed into something more beautiful, strong, eternal than before.

Conscious: transformation, transition, release, endings

Shadow: resistance, stagnation, trauma

Temperance XIV

When we have our eyes set on a dream, we can often become impatient and reactive to the obstacles we meet. We leap too far too soon, ignoring the importance of taking time with the small steps. Temperance comes to call us back into balance with patience. We are reminded to drop our opinions and our judgments for a moment now so that we can take the middle path and see all perspectives before taking action. Building long-term visions require moderation, testing the waters before diving into the deep end, and sometimes alchemizing different elements to create a stronger option. All of these things take time, and Temperance gifts us with the confidence to stay centered when we are met with inevitable obstacles.

Conscious: healing, balance, moderation, patience, calm

Shadow: extremity, recklessness, imbalance, hastiness

The Tower XVI

A sudden twist of fate, death, birth, moving house, a first last kiss, a grey hair, your first bicycle. Why do some events leave such an impact on our lives?

We can go our whole lives without ever stopping and noticing the changing seasons and then one day see a singular autumn leaf shivering on a branch and at once understand the sorrows of life. The Tower is such a card, it embraces the fracture of life and celebrates the crack, the abyss; inviting in the foundational changes that shape us through our lives. The disruption that The Tower reflects is not always obvious, it can be a great loss or a groundbreaking shift of mindset. Whatever it is, we are reminded that we must, like the Tower, make hast to embody this change; because if we do not, we may very well miss our window of opportunity to travel through it.

Conscious: destruction, sudden awakening, upheaval, revelation, change

Shadow: fear of change, resistance to transformation, denial

The Star XVII

What comes after the fall? When we slip from the regular? Where do we land? Are we broken? It takes courage to have faith, but after every storm comes the calm. The Star brings us from the moment of rapture. From our fall from grace, luck, or love. She is the healer, the mender of broken bones and dreams. She knows real bravery isn’t just in trying and failing, leaping and falling, but in how we hold our faith in our potential despite the challenges. She is that part of us that is stubbornly persistent, the part that continues to rejuvenate with each break. She knows that even after traumatic events there is wisdom and abundance to be found. Some would say the purest forms of wisdom are found once we have given ourselves into the uncertainties of life, painting outside the lines, playing outside the rules, searching for a new self — and knowing that no matter what happens, it is worth healing for.

Conscious: faith, renewal, courage, healing, hope, intuition

Shadow: despair, lack of faith, negativity, disconnection

Drop Mechanic’s

The three first people that collect a tarot, get an “Ophiuchus” constellation card, each card has a message by itself but when combined together they convey the message of healing and growth. All the tarot cards have a constellation connected to them and a myth attached since the times of ancient Greece. If you obtain one of the three Ophiuchus constellation cards it gives you access to a one-on-one tarot reading with Lucia, bridging the ancient physical and new digital world of tarot cards. She loves the idea that these cards can now reach you through this metaverse and it can find you no matter where you are or who you are.

Bless ⚔️

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