Justin Tyler x Oscillations

6 min readNov 23, 2021

Community ARTifact Drop — 11·MMXXI with Obtainable

Justin grew up a simple southern boy raised by a simple southern belle & his older sister. most time was spent slowly wandering and being influenced by the soaking wet coastal plains, sprawling oak trees, and windswept sandy beaches along the warm and welcoming Atlantic ocean. (…seemingly looking for a way out.)

Once Justin left Savannah, Georgia, he started his mission to cultivate all-inclusive platforms that unite people through mediums that liberate individuals in new and exciting ways. To help make the world a more beautiful place to exist. Justin wants to serve as a vital bridge that unites artists of all walks of life to gather the community around future and primitive modes of creation.

Justin’s dreams seem to shift to a grander scale the more he experiences life. Justin’s current dream project is to enhance food sovereignty everywhere he dwells. He believes that growing and consuming clean food is truly a radical movement in our existing food chain infrastructure.

Most of his artistic inspiration comes from artists who use their voice always strike him the most, whether it is an author curating the language arts or a vocalist mastering the art of song. Authors and poets like Douglas Adams, Hafiz, & Kahili Gibran, and countless Vocalists throughout space and time, have kept Justin engaged in the creative process of life, where Love and Joy are easiest to access.

Justin procures his passion for creating, almost always from the artist around him. Their ability to create something brand new to add to the decor of the universe in such a way that it is easy to share drives, Justin, to always bring his best. When people are scarce, the complexity of nature’s infinite designs provides plenty of inspiration to remind us that what we cultivate can continuously be improved upon.

The Artist

Justin Tyler is a humanitarian at heart, focusing on infusing primitive methodologies into our rapidly evolving technological infrastructure. He works with others to create tools for the future that serve to further liberate all living beings and regenerate the ecosystems in which they thrive. He routinely creates maps that reference his unique position in spacetime, with certain observable celestial phenomena, which aids him in triangulating his position in any given dimension while plotting his

course and setting off into the unknown. He believes that the grandest offering one can provide is the continuous cultivation of our purest form of self-expression. He hopes to share his observation methods to inspire others to seek out themselves and their unique place in the cosmos. Justin is excited to enter the NFT verse, watching it bring together incredible artists from all over the world, hoping to add value to this radical new age platform. Believing this movement will infuse the creative community with resources that will allow them to generate wealth outside of the destructive processes of our current multinational industrial complexes. He wants to remind all those navigating and mastering the metaverse and leveling up their XoiDs, when you return to your Earthly form, “You don’t have to floss all of your teeth, just the ones you want to keep.”

The Art

Oscillations features 4 limited edition Obtainable NFT artworks, 2 of which have alternate contrast expressions, to suit those who navigate by night. These Obtainable digital artworks are handcrafted templates created for aiding in self-exploration and navigation into the unknown. In physics, oscillation is defined as a “regular variation in magnitude or position around a central point.” Each of our vessels is the central point, and by observing the cycles of the cosmos around that position, allows one to triangulate a sense of reference and map it amidst the seemingly infinite verses we explore. May these templates serve you well along your path.

The Pieces

Daze: 0.0333 ETH, 2 editions, 1/1 for both editions while visiting Earth, one should take note of their unique position on it; easily derived by calculating their current longitude, latitude, and altitude. Once this node is plotted, one should log a precise angle from which the sun appears and disappears on the horizon. These reference points shall adequately aid any Xoid needing recalibrating their vibrational emission to the local state of fluctuation. Collecting and inputting this data into the ship’s navigation system will also be necessary for any Xoid needing to triangulate their position in reference to the nearest star, a pivotal component to precisely plotting a course for interstellar travel.

Moonth: 0.0333 ETH, 2 editions, 1/1 for both editions one finds themself on Earth for an extended period, it will serve them to pay very close attention to their unique reference point to the Moon’s position as it approaches, and its phases. While the Sun dictates “when” life operates in this realm, the Moon will have a heavy influence on “how” life operates. Being in tune with one’s reference point to these phases, a Xoid should be able to schedule a highly effective base of operations, enhancing their efficiency of the task, such as; spacecraft maintenance, resource extraction and allocation, In-depth quantitative analysis of the local state of fluctuation, and to promote the necessary precision required for interstellar launch sequencing.

Annular: 0.0333 ETH, 1/1 If visiting, terraforming, or stranded on Earth for prolonged periods, operating mainly within the 3rd dimension may be necessary.

This choice will allow any Xoid to maintain an alliance with the electromagnetic-crystalline expression that is infinitely and intensely generated by the cyclical nature of Earth’s energetic fluctuations.

These cycles can be observed, oscillating upon a toroidal lattice-work, and should be routinely plotted and uploaded into the mainframe.

This data shall serve any Xoid who wishes to remain anchored into, and abide by, the local laws that govern the planet’s vibratory states of fluctuation and resulting physical expressions.

The accumulated data sets shall also aid any Xoid embarking on planetary conquest.

Soulography: 0.1111 ETH, 1/1

Each individual possesses a very particular geometric form, one which constantly changes throughout their life cycles. Every form represents a highly complex geometric signature that is one of a kind. This unique geometric expression maintains an equally unique vibratory state. This vibration, or energy state, can be harnessed by the Soul and consciously emitted in succinct repetition, or rather, one can actively guide the 1’s and 0’s through an algorithm of choice. A further act of free will, directed at refinement of this repetitious vibration, will in most cases result in a spontaneous melding of the beat into a melody.

If this melody is in harmony with the individual’s current surrounding state of fluctuation, a brand new rhythm is born. Rhythm in proper context creates movement, and if concentrated and compounded, it is the key to the experience of superluminal motion. This diagram is a mapping of one such geometric signature and its resulting expressions.

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