Isabel x The Great Awakening

Community ARTifact Drop — 09·MMXXI with Obtainable

The Artist

Originally from Santa Cruz, California, Isabel Bryna, aka Isabel Mariposa Galactica, is a real-life sorceress of the psychedelic. “Mariposa Galactica” means “Galactic Butterfly” in Spanish, a name which she adopted somewhere along her journey through the artistic space. Her art is inspired by the feathered flying ones, the furry crawling ones, the plant queendom, the swimmers, the million-year-old mountains, the storms, the sea and sweet waters (especially waterfalls), the stars and the moon and the sun, and humans and our ability to love as deep as we destroy. She is hopeful that humans can awaken and learn how to live more harmoniously with the planet and ourselves. Believe in miracles. Believe in magic. Learn continuously and come to see that embracing the darkness allows the light to be let in. She laughs, she cries, she dances, she prays, she falls and gets back up and keeps loving. She thanks you for being curious enough to learn more about her and see her invocations of light and love alchemized through pigments and oils on the canvas, creating portals in which you may connect with the divine.

She is mystical, she is wild, she is unapologetically honest. She is Isabel Mariposa Galactica.

Paintings that invoke light & create portals for connection with the divine within and without.

The Mission

Isabel’s mission is to birth her creations from her heart and convey her visions. These don’t always come from a conscious space, rather they come from a subconscious need to speak for mother Earth, cultural unity and the connection between everything that surrounds us.

She hopes her impact in the artistic community will inspire other artists to create things that are truly authentic to their souls, and that people will learn to love and embrace their wild side instead of fighting it.

She is in the process of starting her own autobiography with illustrations, crafting another oracle deck, and eventually creating a movie about her journey and her unique approach to art and life.

The Art

Isabel lives her life in a realm of “magical realism” and sees magic in the real world.

Magic surrounds us — it is in the words we sing, the paintings we create, and the music we strum. We, the creators of art, are the closest thing to modern-day magicians and sorcerers.

NFTs interest her because they are so new and possess seemingly limitless potential. She is curious about what the future will hold for this new technological evolution, and hopes it will inspire people to reconnect with their own souls and inner magic.

Isabel’s art is impossibly defined and consistently next-level. We are truly in the presence of a Galactic Butterfly.

You can obtain here. 💫


Transforming darkness into light. Healing ancestral traumas. Prayers of stepping into the healed self and reaching the highest divinity, power, wisdom & strength.

Prints: 18” by 24” — limited edition with original intuitive sketch in the back.


This piece is created from the seeds of joy, blooming flowers of love, happiness, deep peace, abundance, and connection with all that is in this beautiful, magical world.

Prints: 24” by 24” — limited edition, signed with original intuitive sketch in the back.

Sol y Luna

Divine Masculino and Divine Feminine unite, dancing in a prayer of divine Union, cosmic love, and harmonious divine balance of Polarities creating perfect harmony and peace.

Prints: 24” by 24” — limited edition with original intuitive sketch in the back.


This piece represents the miracles and infinite potential we each have to create our world through the power of learning the art of Manifestation. She is a guide, a teacher, an invoker. She reminds us of our wisdom, power, and divine magic, calling in all of our highest, most beautiful dreams.

Prints: 11” by 14” on wood — limited edition with hand-painted details and original painted sketch in the back.


Divine Rebirth. Birthing the most divine light in all ways. Bridging the mystic realms with the physical in a divine dance of beauty surrounded by grace.

1-of-1 original painting. Acrylic, rose oil on canvas. 49” by 48” (approx. 4 feet by 4 feet).

Drop mechanics:

4 fractional pieces all with 5 editions each listed at 0.19 Eth:

  • Manifest
  • Sol y Luna
  • Alegria
  • Luminous
  • This 1-of-1 masterpiece Mystiko will be listed at 11.32

If you have questions as to how to forge your physical piece, 90 days after the beginning of the drop, if you obtain 5 pieces of the fractional NFT’s in your Meta wallet you are ready to forge them into your own physical prints.

The 1-of-1 piece if acquired can be forged instantly into the original after the first 90 days.

90 days after the beginning of the drop, owners of these pieces can combine 5 of the fractional NFT pieces and forge physical prints.

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