Elysian XXII ⚔ Lucia Dami

Community ARTifact Drop — with Obtainable — 06MMXXI

In ancient Greece, people would travel from all over to seek the direction of the High Priestess of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, who was revered for her accurate predictions of the future. In ancient Babylonia, magic was used to counteract bad fortune that was revealed through dreams, and through the celestial divination of the stars.

Reclaiming the Future

The Elysian Tarot is here to be what the stars represent during a time of darkness; a space for stillness, revelations, and of communion with the gifts of mystery. Each one of the cards is encoded with the frequency of pure inner vision and reclamation over one’s timelines.

“You are always right at the edge of a new journey — the power is yours to choose it — and here is your chance.” — Lucia


The Magician I — 0.1 ETH

The High Priestess II — 0.1 ETH

Powers: strong intuition, creative awakenings, dream messages, spiritual forces, magic

The Hierophant V — 0.05 ETH

Powers: spiritual knowledge, reliability, secure relationships, trust, tradition

Fortune X — 0.1 ETH

Powers: good fortune, positive perspective, forward movement, unforeseen joy, apotheosis

Strength VIII — 0.05 ETH

Powers: courage, resilience, compassion, leadership, connection

The Full Collection

The Major Arcana of tarot contains the 22 most powerful cards in the deck. Each archetype holds symbols and energetic patterns that activate the truths of the divine world, the intellectual world, and the physical world; for the purpose of human ascension.

Future drops:

Individually, each card is powerful, but when drawn together they can intensify a specific frequency even more. Lucia has intuitively organized her Major Arcana NFTs into 5 series which are as follows:

a digital fine art gallery