Dylan Hanks x Barcodes for the Psyche

Art has been a way for Dylan to make sense of the world around him, using his own subconscious to question why we think about life in a certain way, and finding meaning in the littlest things, and just because Dylan sees his art in a certain way, the viewers have full freedom to see something different.

His father showed him that you don’t have to be who you think you are, that the idea and image of yourself is not what makes you who you are, you can always explore further inwards and find out what and who a person truly is.

Each piece he creates is a small part of the gigantic project he sees in his mind, of working on himself, and even if he throws those pieces in the trash they will still play a part in adding to his vision and journey.

Dr. Seuss has been a huge inspiration on Dylan’s art style, kind of dark and whimsical, his interpretation of what Dr. Seuss drew is he put something on the page that didn’t make sense at first, then forced and pulled things together to make them fit, but if you look close enough all the pieces would fall apart, he didn’t allow himself to get stuck in the box of expression and artistic conformity we find ourselves in.

Barcode #01 — Barcode #06
Barcode #07— Barcode #10
Barcode #11 — Barcode #16



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