Drawn Together — Mental Health Awareness

We are all drawn together in this reality… At least somehow. Have you ever heard of string theory? With the convergence of the art and tech worlds, it’s never been easier to join forces through the power of collaboration. presents “Drawn Together”, a mental health awareness drop in collaboration with Charitas and 50+ artists around the world. Charitas mission is to create a token-based platform for charities to accept donations, while allowing the community to reward amazing initiatives. They have agreed to match the funds raised from this drop. The proceeds from the sale of the final NFT auction as well as the individual sales of each artists contribution separately, will be going towards NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, an organization that works to educate, advocate, and improve the lives of people with mental illness and their loved ones.

Bringing people together is one of the core shared visions at Obtainable. We believe in community more than anything.

The legend of the lone wolf is great but the real magic is found within the pack. A lone wolf is a distortion of the reality of the lives of wolves.Wolves are pack animals. Their survival depends on the group. Their innate strategies for hunting are based on group organization. They live in hierarchical groupings or communities, if you will. They take care of each other and depend on each other. It’s the pack that makes individual members strong and successful.

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“Being around other artists [often] stimulates idea-generation,” says Susan Cain, author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. “It’s part of the reason Andy Warhol created his Factory.”

My greatest goal as an artist is to de-stigmatize mental illness and raise awareness around mental health. As someone who has struggled with depression, and lost close friends to suicide, my art has always been inspired by expressing how I feel when I can’t communicate it through my words. -Alpert

Drawn Together is a collaborative drawing project between Alpert and 50+ leading artists from the NFT space. He believes that NFTs can be used to create positive impact, and this new market and technology is enabling all of us to elevate the conversation about mental health through our artwork.

He began the Drawn Together art piece with a small doodle in the middle of the page. He then sent the same drawing to artists from all over the world, who added their small interpretations of what mental health meant to them. We did this over and over until the page was full and the piece was complete.

The finished piece encourages openness and freedom within expression.

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a digital fine art gallery

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