Donavon Frankenreiter ⚔ Inspiration

Donavon Frankenreiter, a singer, songwriter, surfer, and artist for the past decades. A living icon, with a new mission.

His vision is simple, Donavon wants to be a part of this new age in artistic expression through the NFT space, creating from inspiration and having the ability to share something he enjoys on a global platform.

Donavon started down his masterful path with a passion for BMX riding and skateboarding, which acted as the foundation for his surfing career. This made him a gifted surfing prodigy, as he was already a professional surfer at the mere age of 16. Part of this skill came from his SoCal upbringing and his proximity to the ocean that inspired his passion-driven life. Coupled with his talent for surfing, another innate one emerged, which was his love for music and art.

After countless songs and surfing competitions, he is as smooth at singing and riffing a guitar as he is at dropping in on a barrel.

Although his achievements don’t stop there, his art is breathtaking and intrinsically raw.

From his legacy as a professional surfer to his own inspirational music, Donavon has conquered huge stages and has even started his own record label. Now he has turned his sights towards paying homage to one of the legendary men that inspired him, Jimi Hendrix.

In his art and music, true freedom and originality seep through, from chords to brushstrokes, the ebb and flow of his life can be seen with every detail. The passion that Donavan puts into each piece would have made Jimi himself smile.

Like his music, his art is smooth and unfiltered, with a distinct nonchalant vibe; with every spot of paint having its place.

He is what some would refer to as a cultural great, with his iconic mustache and surf-rocker persona being the creative muse for a whole new generation of off-beat artists and performers.

Donavon loves art and music in any form and sees the beauty in every rendition of it, he has stuck to his passions, not becoming a professional singer until the age of 30, and said:

“Anybody can make it and anybody can be introduced to the music world at any age.

It is so wide open now that there’s really not a formula to go by. Anyone can start at any time as long as you’re passionate and you love it.”

His wide curiosity to expand his range of art and music has branched into the NFT space with three amazing drops.

Now for the very first time, his unforgettable and highly exclusive pieces are available for all to enjoy and own.

The obtainable team is truly thrilled to welcome Donavon Frankenreiter fully into our artistic community, and we know you are just as excited as we are to obtain a glimpse of this king of culture’s life behind the canvas.

Full Moon — 3 ETH The first piece is a dark silhouette of the legends classic tussled hair, that sets the stage for the array of beautiful colors that dance across the canvas and into the eyes of anyone who sees it, like the reflection of a full moon.
Shooting Stars — 3 ETHThe second piece is intense and sends a clear message to live boldly and love boldly, its tan veneer highlights the bright gaze of Jimi Hendrix and carries the strong reminder to be bold.
Between The Sun — 1.5 ETHThe third and final piece is webbed with musical life and the rising and setting of the sun, all surrounding a dynamic portrait of one of this planet’s brightest stars.’


  • Each 1/1 artifact is paired with an original physical canvas that owners can forge with their digital NFT
  • The NFTs also provide exclusive lifetime access to Donavon’s shows and full rights to the tracks included with the digitals.
  • The pieces will be listed for 3 ETH, 3 ETH, and 1.5 ETH
  • Length: 60 seconds
  • Resolution: 1080 x 1350
  • 90 Days after drop, collectors can forge the originals

You can obtain here. 💫

Bless ⚔️



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