Christine Owens x Take Care of Yourself

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Christine was raised in a distressed home, which caused much trouble throughout her life.

Because of this past trauma, Christine went through a dark time in her life where she had difficulty finding her center and a source of joy. Although on that journey to find meaning, Christine ended up back in her childhood. She realized that art gave her the feeling of joy and center she had been searching for throughout her life. An instant bond was reformed between Christine and art. Giving her a source of light in the dark tunnels she traveled. Christine kept moving, knowing that she would use the knowledge she obtained to help others when she made it out of that place.

Christine offers a word of advice to anyone going through those dark times,

“You are not responsible for other people’s happiness, and they are not responsible for yours.” “You can’t rely on anyone else for love and happiness.”

Her artistic vision is seen through the spectrum of words. Words help Christine find clarity in her art, and she sees a better world in store for those who follow their inspirations.

She wants to inspire people to be their authentic selves and create their own sources of happiness. Not caring about what your creation looks like, but focusing on what you feel in the moment and letting your emotions flow through you.

One of Christine’s biggest inspirations is her friend Sister Cody, who is a huge role model to her. Christine stated,

“He just started posting his art and started going for it, making his dream come true just based on his ability to believe and express.” Christine is dedicated to staying out of the box of art that we put ourselves in. She finds it boring and that it takes the excitement of not knowing what will happen when you create.

For her, her mind functions in a way where there is always a storyline. She sees art as a tool to express herself. Christine sees day-to-day life as a way to examine the most ordinary exchanges as a metaphor.

Christine is taking a leap into the NFT world for the first time, and she told herself she is willing to try new things; she is committed to evolving her art and taking further steps in exciting directions.

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