Bruno Bamma x Skyscapes

4 min readOct 29, 2021


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The Artist

Bruno is a full-time digital artist, but his journey into the virtual space started with poetry.

When he would do poetry, he would cut words and images out of magazines, and something clicked. Poetry began moving Bruno towards the art style of collage.

In the beginning, it was all hand-cut, as he learned how to use composition and color, and then as he got better at collage’s he moved more towards digital works; Bruno said his reason was “You can create something that stands alone as a true picture.”

In these surreal worlds that he crafts, he never knows what he is going to make. He likes to play around and has let the whole process become subconscious; it is the process of discovery for Bruno. Passion is a crucial part of that discovery process, and he is amazed by what comes through. With digital art, there is a lot more room for mistakes. Unlike painting, digital makes it a lot easier to find the best in what you do. His life drives his passion, and his art tends to be autobiographical; it’s an expedition through the psyche.

Bruno spends his free time looking for books that connect with him. Bruno’s love of literature and the magic of language has guided his life long before his quest into the art world, working as an English teacher for years.

His mission is to heal himself, and his main goal is to help heal others; he uses what he has learned from his reading and works them into his art. The reception he has gotten has been interesting. He has helped people find a moment to stop, a checkpoint in the labyrinth of life, hoping that every work he produces a moment for just one person where they can find serenity in the storm of our minds.

Another one of Bruno’s goals is to focus on the present; if we ever have a problem, we can solve that problem if we can just find the present. If you are just present at that moment, you will see the solution or see that there is none.

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

The Art

He wants to be somebody calling people’s attention to what matters underneath the surface.

People tend to get distracted by the ups and downs of life, but we should not let these points distract us from finding clarity. Bruno wants to change himself for the better and maybe help others along the way.

Bruno started discussing his dream projects in the future; he said this collaboration is his present dream, creating a world of surrealism with obtainable.

Bruno derives his inspiration mainly from his friends, and as an artist, he gets closer to other people who share his love of art. He adds art to every interaction and sees it as a chance to create art.

He has been focusing on the surrealism movement and automating his art to tap into his higher self; he loves the works of Salvadore Dalí, seeing all of his pieces as a masterclass on composition. The playful side of art inspires Bruno. Bruno thinks you have to tap into that part of you that will always remain a child to create original art.

Bruno knows the more you live with art and life, the more they meld into the same thing. He is healing from a phase of depression and is recovering through the power of building up his health and habits will help him improve his existence.

Bruno believes that the NFT space brings much-needed opportunity and the freedom that comes with it. The premise of decentralization gives the power back to the artists. He has closely followed the digital art community for the past two years and sees a shift where these dreams become a reality.

Digital art is the natural step. Everything is digital; you share your pieces online and sell prints; it allows the art world to be one, to see different cultures, talents, and visions without limit.

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