Community ARTifact Drop — 11·MMXXI with Obtainable

Sea Jay was born in Montana in the heart of the forest. She grew up on no electricity or service.

All Sea Jay had was her imagination, which taught her to appreciate her surroundings.

After that, she lived on the move, a different school every year, and integrated many other social groups throughout her life. At fifteen…

Community ARTifact Drop — 11·MMXXI with Obtainable

Justin grew up a simple southern boy raised by a simple southern belle & his older sister. most time was spent slowly wandering and being influenced by the soaking wet coastal plains, sprawling oak trees, and windswept sandy beaches along the warm and…

Community ARTifact Drop — 10·MMXXI with Obtainable

Indigenous Visions is a reimagining of the planet, one in which power remained in the hands of the indigenous people. A world where we were all taught to live in harmony with the elements. Where human beings relied on the powers of phytomedicine…



This exhibition stems from Samuel’s documentary book,

Asana: Into the Himalayas

The purpose of this NFT exhibition hosted by obtainable.io is to attract a global audience and inspire a new adventurous generation of blockchain investors while generating funding for global water conservation projects.

Samuel is utilizing the…

Sincere but not serious

The Artist

Cj’s journey began in East Victoria, Australia. When he turned 7, his family moved to New South Wales, and made their way to a small town called “Woolgoolga”, nicknamed “Woopi” by locals. The town gives off a small beach area vibe. It is a natural creative…


a digital fine art gallery

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