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Community ARTifact Drop — 10·MMXXI with Obtainable


Community ARTifact Drop — 10·MMXXI with Obtainable

Indigenous Visions is a reimagining of the planet, one in which power remained in the hands of the indigenous people. A world where we were all taught to live in harmony with the elements. Where human beings relied on the powers of phytomedicine…



This exhibition stems from Samuel’s documentary book,

Asana: Into the Himalayas

The purpose of this NFT exhibition hosted by is to attract a global audience and inspire a new adventurous generation of blockchain investors while generating funding for global water conservation projects.

Samuel is utilizing the…

Sincere but not serious

The Artist

Cj’s journey began in East Victoria, Australia. When he turned 7, his family moved to New South Wales, and made their way to a small town called “Woolgoolga”, nicknamed “Woopi” by locals. The town gives off a small beach area vibe. It is a natural creative…

Community ARTifact Drop — 09·MMXXI with Obtainable

The Artist

Community ARTifact Drop — 09·MMXXI with Obtainable

Timekeepers act as the space between us and time, documenting the Legends before us and those that will proceed us. They have guided our past, present and future, maintaining a congruent flow of time and our perception of it. Now we ask these…

Community Artifact Drop 07·MMXXI

Chris Dyer, since the early 2000s this artist has pushed the boundaries of cultural fusion through his own intricate multinational take on artistic expression.

Chris Dyer grew up in Lima, Peru until the age of 17 when he moved to Canada.

These days he is based in Montreal but spends…

Elysian XII drop

In the Elysian XII drop, Lucia returns for a second drop and gives us another look at her take on the magic in Tarot cards, adding another five cards to her deck. Each piece encapsulates a different lesson. This second drop focuses on knowing when to take solace in silence…

An Eco-Conscious Gold Brand Creating a Decentralized Exchange System

Community ARTifact Drop — 08·MMXXI with Obtainable

“The path through which our spirit went through, to manifest itself in the material world.” — Unknown

In the beginning of it all, spirit floated through space in dark infinity.

On day one, the spirit expands its consciousness and creates a sphere around itself.

On day two, it creates another…

Community ARTifact Drop — 07·MMXXI with Obtainable

Art has been a way for Dylan to make sense of the world around him, using his own subconscious to question why we think about life in a certain way, and finding meaning in the littlest things, and just because Dylan sees his art in a certain way, the viewers have full freedom to see something different.

His father showed him that you don’t have to be who you think you are, that the idea and image of yourself is not what makes you who you are, you can always explore further inwards and find out what and who a…


a digital fine art gallery

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